Monday, July 28, 2008

So i havent wrote in awhile. Nothing has really been going on. I just saw that it was 2 months since i have posted anything. Yesterday Brad and I went down to the river at cody park and went floating down it a ways. We are going to one of these days get a ride to Hershey and then float back down here to North Platte =) Buy us some tubes and we are GOOD TO GO!!! Socks and Hermy are doing good. Thought for a moment i was going to have to beat socks.. Four mornings in a row he woke me up at 3:30ish.. He wanted to be peted. He has been lovey dovey lately. Right now he is sitting on the bed behind me. He is getting really really fat.
I was moving this around the other day and moved the computer into the spare room and socks was in the way.. first he was on my chair. Then he decided that he was going to play in the computer desk.

Then he decided to sniff my avon boxes.

Then he trys to get the lid off.

And then he finally gets into the box.

Poor little kitty is worn out now. he Should be he was running around the house under my feet all day as i was trying to clean.
We had some tornado weather the other day. It was grand we were out on the balcony watching it all. =) It was fun fun fun! The sirens were going off and everything. Thats about it for now.. Tootles!