Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Alright, so its been a long long long long time since i have wrote. Five months to be excact. Well lets see what is new. In feb i started a new job. I work three to five days a week at Garys superfoods. And because i have worked so much my immune system is so down. So like two weeks ago i had the stomach flu. And then saturday i ended up getting sick and I missed two days of work at the J, Sunday and Monday. I went to the dr on monday and we figured it was just upper resp infection. They never really said. So we just guessed. LOL. Anywho bj has a dr apt tomorrow he is starting to get the same crap i had. I have been coughing like crazy.
Socks and hermy are doing okay. We may have company this summer. Kit, my sisters kitty cat my be coming to stay with us for awhile. I actaully have next wed and thursday off. That excites me. So hopefully i will feel better next week so i can get the house cleaned.
Have met a few new people at work. They are awesomely grand. We have fun together. Tonight was a horrid night. I dont feel good, and so we kinda got behind because fryers kicked our asses tonight. and i just moved really slow. >.< so it was horrid~ soo thats about all i gotta say tonight. So im gonna go to bed now.. tootles!!!