Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sad Sad Day.

Yesterday we had some one in our family that was very close leave us. Our Angel Baby was very very sick. And mommy and daddy decided to, instead of having her suffer, put her down. It just wont be the same without her. And she will be dearly missed. But at least she is up with everyone else that has left us, and grammy can feed her all the turkey and other food she wants to without getting in trouble.


Monday, October 20, 2008


Alright so its been awhile since i have last posted. So i figured i had better update. Bj and i celebrated our one year wedding ann last month on the 19th. (Two years together total!) We really didnt do much. We ended up spending time with lots of people instead of just us two.. But we managed. Some time at the end of the month he will start his third job. Bartending for quality inn Banquets. He has been going out of town a lot the last few weeks for work. So getting use to that. I never use to like being home alone. But im getting better at it.
About a month or two ago I got a new tattoo of a frog. My friend sammie and i both got the same one on our ankles. It hurt so bad!
Still working at the Flying J. Not to bad. Still there and havent killed anyone yet! So thats a good sign ;). Kids are doing good. Socks has to be at least 15 lbs by now. Hermy is slowly coming out of her shell and playing more. Which is good. But it only seems to be when im trying to do something else that she wants attention. goofy girl.
Few weeks ago when bj was out of town i was in the shower and managed to fall and smack my leg on the edge of the tub and hurt it. There is still a knot there. At least the bruise has gone away! Yay for that. Havent really had much to blog about. Guess that is what happends when you have no life. Just go to work come home and do it all over again the next day.
On a somewhat good note. At the end of the month Bj and his dad are going down to KS to go see bj's youngest son andrew. And hopefully next month another visit and then maybe he can come and stay up here for a week. Although his mom told Bj see was kinda afraid if she did that bj may keep andrew here and bj told her he wouldnt just wanted to be able to see him too.. Hell he's paying child support for him.
Avon hasnt been going to bad for me. Been selling something every campaign so i cant complain really.
Guess thats about it for now. So maybe in a few more months i'll have some better news.. who knows.. We are planning on going to Rosebud for my birthday next month.. If that even gets to happen i'll be shocked! soooooo tootles for now. Gotta go fix supper. Hubby will be home soon.

Monday, July 28, 2008

So i havent wrote in awhile. Nothing has really been going on. I just saw that it was 2 months since i have posted anything. Yesterday Brad and I went down to the river at cody park and went floating down it a ways. We are going to one of these days get a ride to Hershey and then float back down here to North Platte =) Buy us some tubes and we are GOOD TO GO!!! Socks and Hermy are doing good. Thought for a moment i was going to have to beat socks.. Four mornings in a row he woke me up at 3:30ish.. He wanted to be peted. He has been lovey dovey lately. Right now he is sitting on the bed behind me. He is getting really really fat.
I was moving this around the other day and moved the computer into the spare room and socks was in the way.. first he was on my chair. Then he decided that he was going to play in the computer desk.

Then he decided to sniff my avon boxes.

Then he trys to get the lid off.

And then he finally gets into the box.

Poor little kitty is worn out now. he Should be he was running around the house under my feet all day as i was trying to clean.
We had some tornado weather the other day. It was grand we were out on the balcony watching it all. =) It was fun fun fun! The sirens were going off and everything. Thats about it for now.. Tootles!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well Brad and I have both been sick the last two weeks. Last week he missed two days of work. He wasnt feeling good on Monday, and then tuesday they sent him home from work. I took him to the Dr after i got off of work. He had ear infection, plus sinus infection and i think bronc. He has been coughing horribly. Well then he missed wednesday because he had been runnning a fever and he didnt need to be out in the cold anyway. Then he missed work thursday and friday due to the weather. No one worked. Well sunday i woke up with a sore throat, and head was all ccongested. So Brad still sounds kinda bad, and im mainly coughing, and just stuffed up. I can not wait till we both feel better! I have the next two days off and i will get to recoup!! Yay!
And then in June we may be going down to Palisade. Brad was given the weekend off, now i just gotta see if my boss will give it to me off! I hope i hope i hope! -crosses fingers- Other then that not much else. We went fishing on the 17th and caught another fish. Then we went again on the 24th, and Brad caught a fish, and i caught nothing! So we are tied at 2/2. I told him anything he catches when he goes fishing without me doesnt count towards our competition. Because i wont go fishing alone. I would be screwed as i wont touch the fish or the worm. Although i did touch a chub the other day! Im proud of myself! Well thats about it. Going to go eat supper. Tootles

Friday, May 16, 2008


So tonight, brad and I went fishing. We were basically hiding.

See this morning, bill called my cell and txt me and then called me at work, becuase i didnt answer my phone. He was heading to kearny. Nic, brad's brother, had been in an accident at work. He had been working on some pipe or something, and they shut the power off to release the pressure in it, and he didnt wait for long enough, or thought the pressure was down. But when he opened it, something shot off and smacked him in the head. He ended up being able to call for help, he was out there alone i guess. Flighted him to Kearney from Broken Bow due to the gash on his head. Well Bill went to kearney and i guess had called Judy, mama bat, and told her about it. But told her not to come down. (She lives 6 hours away) So brad finally finds out, and then he find out from Traci his sister that Mama Bat is on her way. We find out later on that she left at like 11 in the morning, so she was there by 5. Bill finally dropped the crap he set up so that she could see him. And then her and Angel headed on their way back home. So we knew shit was going to get bad, because head bat and bill dont get alone (Brad calls his mom Head bat and mama bat and tells her she lives in the bat cave.. She kinda laughs when he does.) well so we went to our spot out on the canal and i was the first to catch a fish! It was 14 1/2 inches, and about 1lb and a half. Caught it on Chubs. I looked at the wrong thing, and thought we couldnt keep it and so we threw it back.. well i dropped it off the scale hook it was on... i wont touch them lol. But i could have kept it, no weight restictions on channel cat.. damn.. i was sad.. lolz but it was fun.

Well i had fun. We might go again tomorrow. Its free fishing in all of Nebraska. You dont have to have a state park permit, or a fishing Liscense weeee!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Well, im just a copy cat. Following the crowd. Im Good at doing that. Well the hubby and i were finally able to grocery shopping. I ended up recruiting our friend Tom to help ups take everything upstairs. I hate puting away groceries. Yesterday i went out and had a few drinks with the girls. It was fun. I also went out and bought me a Nintendo DS. I have been wanting one for awhile. Brad thought i was talking to myself, but i have a voice activated game. Its fun. Its puppys you have to take care of.. Bj always said he wanted a dog. HAHA. Now he can have one... if i let him play it!
Went to the back craker the other day. Think i may have to go back in a week. Its still pretty sore. It was out really bad. And now i think my other shoulder went out. Its bugging me now. Brad bought Alvin and the Chipmunks.. or is suppose to be buying it. He Finally got the rest of his money for the car he sold.
He didnt work today, and might not tomarrow depending on the wind, and if it rains. If its not too bad and they still dont work, he is going to go out to his dad's and help the guy pour cement. I have to work. If its too bad and they cant pour, he said he would try to get my balcony cleaned off, and my garage cleaned. I doubt it.. been hearing that for two plus months now! But thats okay. Im horrible at that stuff too.