Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some catching up

So I kind of forgot that i had this. Its been a long time since I have updated anything on here. Lets see, not really a whole lot to tell about. Still working at the J and Gary's. Bradley is still at weathercraft and the canteen. On January 18th, 2010 we had to put down our cat hermy. She was really sick. Also on the 18th , Brad was able to reconnect with his daughter after 9 years. We ( well both of us if i can get the weekend off) are going to go to St Jo next month to see Cheyenne and her mom. Looking forward to it. I have not had the chance of meeting them yet. There really hasnt been a lot going on. In June we moved into a trailer. I own it =) Go me. (bj does too, he gets mad because i call everything mine.. haha) He has been going to Kansas the last few weeks for work. Also last june, we got a new kitten named Oreo. We at first were told Oreo was a girl. Well when we took Oreo in to get fixed, we found out it was a little boy! He and Socks get into so much trouble together. This march socks will be 4. Hermy would have been 4 in June. Oreo Turns 1 in May. So not sure what else to report on. Haven't really done a whole lot. Celebrated my birthday at brothers bar. Mom, dad, my cousin mike and his wife, Jessica, jesse, Liz, and shawna her boyfriend matt all showed up. It was a fun time! Jesse of course snuck in as he is underage. lol Silly Jesse <3 I miss him in the deliWill try to update better on this! tootles. Will post some pictures when i can.