Friday, October 8, 2010

Well i completely forgot once again that i had this. So not really a lot has gone on. So since it has been since January since i have last posted. i'll do a speedy update.
So in Feb we went to St Jo, and saw Emily and Chey. It was a good time.. just crappy weather. It was snowing, so thankfully we didn't get snowed in. Took us forever to get to his sisters house. And then Driving into St could only go about 5 to 10 miles an hour. So that was the only exciting thing in Feb, and prob the next few months. HAHA. Well then in May, Brad Decided we needed to get us a dog. Me being me.. didnt really want one. I'm more of a cat person. well in July (5 weeks to the date he was born) We got Zeke. he was born May 29th. He was one of a litter of 7 boys! He is a Min Pin/ Chihuahua mix. We werent expecting him just yet. But the mama dog went dry and so we got him. I had to bottle feed him still at the time, then he decided he didnt want it.Zeke at only 5 weeks old. He was less then a pound.
How could i say no to this cute lil guy! he was so tiny he fit into the palm of my hand!my little guy sleeping.
Zeke actually picked out his own name. i said many names over and over and Zeke is what he'd look at me when i said it. So it stuck as Zeke. =)
Well anyway, Brad doesnt work at the Canteen anymore. They more or less got rid of him. Cut him completely off the schedule and then had a coworker send him a txt that he was fired. Crap if ya ask me! So he's just working at weathercraft.
In July, the Flying J merged with Pilot (sounds more like a buyout to most people) And here next month the restaurant is going to close down and become a Denny's. I will not be working for Denny's. I guess im getting transfered to the C-store to continue doing deli.
Anyway. Last month my Friend Val from highschool moved in with us for awhile till she gets on her feet. And then Bj and i celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. It was also our 4 year anniversary of being together. Who woulda ever thunk'd it =D.
Val and zeke. He found himself a new girlfriend! its her "cuddle bug." Val Recently started working at ShopKo and they are being douches for the most part. So we are trying to find her something else. Zeke is now as of tomorrow 19 weeks old. And weights 5 lbs now! Zeke sleeping a week ago. How could you not love this =D
zeke saying hi to the camera the other day.
Brad, Socks and Zeke sleeping on the couch.
Oreo Hit a year old at the end of may. He Hit a growth Spurt, and he is BIG! not fat, but LONG. And naughty. He doesn't like brad for some reason and gets called Mama's boy.
Other then that. Things are good here. Had a few rough patches. But we are getting over the Hurdles and getting back on the right tack of things!

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