Thursday, May 1, 2008


Well, im just a copy cat. Following the crowd. Im Good at doing that. Well the hubby and i were finally able to grocery shopping. I ended up recruiting our friend Tom to help ups take everything upstairs. I hate puting away groceries. Yesterday i went out and had a few drinks with the girls. It was fun. I also went out and bought me a Nintendo DS. I have been wanting one for awhile. Brad thought i was talking to myself, but i have a voice activated game. Its fun. Its puppys you have to take care of.. Bj always said he wanted a dog. HAHA. Now he can have one... if i let him play it!
Went to the back craker the other day. Think i may have to go back in a week. Its still pretty sore. It was out really bad. And now i think my other shoulder went out. Its bugging me now. Brad bought Alvin and the Chipmunks.. or is suppose to be buying it. He Finally got the rest of his money for the car he sold.
He didnt work today, and might not tomarrow depending on the wind, and if it rains. If its not too bad and they still dont work, he is going to go out to his dad's and help the guy pour cement. I have to work. If its too bad and they cant pour, he said he would try to get my balcony cleaned off, and my garage cleaned. I doubt it.. been hearing that for two plus months now! But thats okay. Im horrible at that stuff too.

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