Friday, May 16, 2008


So tonight, brad and I went fishing. We were basically hiding.

See this morning, bill called my cell and txt me and then called me at work, becuase i didnt answer my phone. He was heading to kearny. Nic, brad's brother, had been in an accident at work. He had been working on some pipe or something, and they shut the power off to release the pressure in it, and he didnt wait for long enough, or thought the pressure was down. But when he opened it, something shot off and smacked him in the head. He ended up being able to call for help, he was out there alone i guess. Flighted him to Kearney from Broken Bow due to the gash on his head. Well Bill went to kearney and i guess had called Judy, mama bat, and told her about it. But told her not to come down. (She lives 6 hours away) So brad finally finds out, and then he find out from Traci his sister that Mama Bat is on her way. We find out later on that she left at like 11 in the morning, so she was there by 5. Bill finally dropped the crap he set up so that she could see him. And then her and Angel headed on their way back home. So we knew shit was going to get bad, because head bat and bill dont get alone (Brad calls his mom Head bat and mama bat and tells her she lives in the bat cave.. She kinda laughs when he does.) well so we went to our spot out on the canal and i was the first to catch a fish! It was 14 1/2 inches, and about 1lb and a half. Caught it on Chubs. I looked at the wrong thing, and thought we couldnt keep it and so we threw it back.. well i dropped it off the scale hook it was on... i wont touch them lol. But i could have kept it, no weight restictions on channel cat.. damn.. i was sad.. lolz but it was fun.

Well i had fun. We might go again tomorrow. Its free fishing in all of Nebraska. You dont have to have a state park permit, or a fishing Liscense weeee!!!

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