Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well Brad and I have both been sick the last two weeks. Last week he missed two days of work. He wasnt feeling good on Monday, and then tuesday they sent him home from work. I took him to the Dr after i got off of work. He had ear infection, plus sinus infection and i think bronc. He has been coughing horribly. Well then he missed wednesday because he had been runnning a fever and he didnt need to be out in the cold anyway. Then he missed work thursday and friday due to the weather. No one worked. Well sunday i woke up with a sore throat, and head was all ccongested. So Brad still sounds kinda bad, and im mainly coughing, and just stuffed up. I can not wait till we both feel better! I have the next two days off and i will get to recoup!! Yay!
And then in June we may be going down to Palisade. Brad was given the weekend off, now i just gotta see if my boss will give it to me off! I hope i hope i hope! -crosses fingers- Other then that not much else. We went fishing on the 17th and caught another fish. Then we went again on the 24th, and Brad caught a fish, and i caught nothing! So we are tied at 2/2. I told him anything he catches when he goes fishing without me doesnt count towards our competition. Because i wont go fishing alone. I would be screwed as i wont touch the fish or the worm. Although i did touch a chub the other day! Im proud of myself! Well thats about it. Going to go eat supper. Tootles

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